Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Gathered under the name ROMANIAN DESIGNERS, a group of designers from Romania will present their Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collections for the third subsequent season at the Berlin Fashion Week. Renowned designer Irina Schrotter will present her collection with an individual runway show on Thursday, January 19, at 4:30 PM, whereas young talents such as Lena Criveanu, Lucian Broscatean and the label twenty(2)too will hold a group runway show on Saturday, January 21, at 11:30 PM.

Collections by ROMANIAN DESIGNERS will be presented to fashion professionals in a collective stand at the Premium trade show. Alongside the ready-to-wear collections, shoe designer Mihaela Glavan and the exclusive accessories of the label D’or by Roxana Dacidescu will also be shown to industry professionals. In addition, emerging designer Adelina Ivan will show her collection at the trade show for the first time in Germany, the label Patzaikin will have its international debut, twenty(2)too will present their creations at  Seek, and street wear label Bold fashion will show at Bright.

Renowned Romanian designer Irina Schotter will present her collection in an individual runway show this season. The new collection is a step away from Schotter’s feminine silhouettes of past seasons, and surprises with experimental cuts and avant-garde nuances. Schotter creates a fascinating and unexpected mélange using various fabrics, materials and geometrical forms in autumnal hues.

Lucian Broscatean, Lena Criveanu and the label twenty(2)too make up the ROMANIAN DESIGNERS this season. Lucian Broscatean remains true to his signature style and is inspired, as in previous seasons too, by an Arthouse film, this time by the Quay brothers. The collection “Dream Map” reflects the film’s bizarre characters and hypnotizing atmosphere: full of contrasts, using natural cotton fabrics and light woven fabrics with wool and felt, the creations are mixed and draped masterfully.

Elegance and femininity take center stage in Lena Criveanu’s collection “In Tango Step.” Inspired by the emotional depth expressed in this sophisticated dance style, Criveanu interweaves it with 1950s-inspired silhouettes and her penchant for the filigree, feminine shape of an orchid. She uses mostly wool and silk with accents and details in faux fur. With colors, ranging from pink, vanilla and cream, she musters the interplay of vigor and reticence.

Next to these already known designers, the street wear label twenty(2)too will present its collection “Victoire: la mort lente de l’esprit” for the first time. Designer Mihai Dan Zarug created his very personal interpretation of the surrealist melancholy in the film by Claude Chabrol that the collection is named after. The color palette of the unisex collection is monochromatic.

Wool, satin, leather and Japanese organic denim join together to construct the contrasting mixture of tight fit designs and oversized, loose fit items. 

Irina Schrotter

Lena Criveanu

Lucian Broscatean